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In order to fetch data from DynaMaker to your other systems you can use our REST APIs, which are web endpoints that can be reached using HTTPS requests.

When To Use It

A typical problem solved by a REST API is fetching or updating data that your system already knows about. A good example is when your system has received information about a new quotation via a webhook. You can then use the meta data included in that request to fetch the files (such as PDF drawings) related to that particular quotation.

When Not To Use It

Let's say your system needs to keep up to date with new quotation requests coming from your dynamic tool. To solve this with a REST API, you would need to keep asking the API on a short interval to check if there is any new data. That is a poor solution as you might run in to rate limiting problems if you make requests too frequently. On the other hand, if you only check once in a while, the integration will appear slow as it may be a while before the quotation is synchronized.

The good solution to this problem is to use webhooks, which gives you instantaneous updates on the events that occur in your dynamic tool!

Use With Node.js

If your server is using Node.js, the official npm package makes it simple to integrate with our REST APIs! Find out how to use it here!


If your dynamic tool is creating quotation requests with related files, for example a PDF drawing, those files can be retrieved via the Quotations REST API. You can read more about it on the Quotations page!