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Developer Guide for CAD Configurators

Welcome to the DynaMaker Documentation pages. DynaMaker is a powerful online tool for putting your product rules for custom into the hands of your end customers. It is designed to let you focus on the product and its rules and lowers the bar for building dynamic online tools. Whatever tool you build, it can be available for integration with your homepage, e-commerce or customer portal with just a few lines of code. Manufacturing instructions connected to your customers' quotations will be easy to fetch from your production planning.

  • Good To Know: for the new user, here you learn how to set up an account and see what you find in your dashboard, some thoughts and tips when programming.

  • Training: we cover the basics of DynaMaker with our tutorials & how-to. Check them out and don't miss our useful tips.

  • Snippets: there is a section dedicated to our customizable snippets. The idea behind these is to directly use them in your components and easily add more logic if needed.

  • Plugins: use DynaMaker together with other extra functionalities through the plugins. Limiting user access or sending automatic emails are some of the plugins available and ready to use!

  • Integration: there are many ways to integrate your dynamic tool with your system. Intended for the advanced user, learn everything about embedding, rest APIs, quotations and webhooks here!

  • Library: if you are looking for a specific function, the library is a good place to search for the full potential of DynaMaker and every function available.

Check Our Blog!

We are constantly updating and improving DynaMaker. Don't forget to check our blog about DynaMaker to keep up to date with what is happening around it.

Let Us Help You

We are happy to help you to solve any problem you might have! You can find information about the latest updates on the what's new page and make sure to search the FAQ for answers to common questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, need help or have suggestions to improve the tool, contact us at