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DynaMaker is designed to be easy to use together with other systems and in this section of the documentation you can find information on how to integrate your DynaMaker application in different ways.


Some situations require that the user is logged in before gaining access to the DynaMaker app. The login process is usually handled by a system such as a CPQ or an internal web or customer portal. You can read more about authentication together with DynaMaker on the authentication page.


A great way to display your DynaMaker application is to embed it into another web page that you have control over, such as a CPQ or an internal web or customer portal. This can easily be done using the iframe standard. You can read more about it on the embedding page.

Quote File Service

It is common to want to add some files from DynaMaker to another system, for example a CPQ, when a configuration is completed or a quote changes status. While using the client-side postMessage API is the most simple way of sending quotation files between DynaMaker and your other systems, it is not always possible to use. If the files need to be generated and sent at some point after the user has ended their browser session, Quote File Service can be used to generate the files on the server via a simple REST API.