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Wordpress is considered the world's most popular website builder. Around 43% of the web is built on Wordpress. You can read more about it and learn how to use it in detail in its documentation.

In Wordpress DynaMaker exists as a plugin and it is very easy to use! Since everything is done within your Wordpress account, all you need from DynaMaker is a deployed app. We will go through:

  1. Wordpress account

1. Wordpress Account

A. Register / Login

You need an account in Wordpress to be able to use the DynaMaker plugin of all your apps you want to show in your website. You can log in at

B. Install Plugin

First off you need to install the DynaMaker plugin through Wordpress. You can find it under Plugins/Add New and search it with the keyword dynamaker.

C. Use Plugin

Once you have install it, you will see it under Posts when you try to add a new content block to your website.

The only thing you need from DynaMaker is the app ID. For example let's say it's enb92djfg19, which can be found in the URL of the:

  • app dashboard:
  • UI editor:
  • deployed app:

See that you can also change the Width and the Height of the app in your website, as if it was a regular iframe.

D. Preview App

Press Preview at the top-right corner in your wordpress-website to see your DynaMaker app embedded in your website.